Integrated Solutions for Sugar and Ethanol Plants

Uttamenergy provides integrated and sustainable solutions for sugar and ethanol plants through the experience and expertise of Uttam Group of Companies. Uttam Group of Companies is a multi-faceted, multi-location conglomerate with operations around the globe. Established in 1969, today, it provides a broad spectrum of products and services to a wide range of industry verticals including sugar, power, engineering, chemicals, petrochemicals, cement, and infrastructure

It has developed core competency in executing turnkey EPC projects especially for sugar factories, power plants, co-generation plants, and ethanol plants. The group has been successful in setting up more than 400 turnkey sugar plants with capacities ranging from 750 TCD to 25000 TCD capacity.

Sugar plant manufacturer in india
Sugar plant machinery

Uttam Group derives its core expertise and experience from their own four sugar mills located along the river Ganges. These are integrated facilities along with sugar refineries, co-generation power plants, and distilleries. Out of the four units, three units produce refined sulfurless sugar using “Defecomelt” process. One of the units at Bharkatpur has a distillery with a 150 kilo liters per day capacity and produces 45 million liters of ethanol per annum. It includes an incineration boiler in order to ensure Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) of effluents from the distillery

Ethanol plant manufacturer in India

Exhaustive R&D supplemented by strategic technical tie-ups with global leaders ensures that the Group keeps abreast of the latest advances in relevant technologies. Adapting these effectively to synergize with local conditions enables it to deliver customer-centric engineering solutions.

Uttam Group’s commitment to enhancing productivity has also led to their investing in intensive horticulture research and development. This joint exercise with farmers has resulted in an optimum utilization of bio-fertilisers and bio-pesticides and consumption of water by adopting proper irrigation methods.

The Group’s in-house expertise also provides the necessary support in selecting the finest sugarcane variety based on the soil condition. Equally key resources are the well qualified, experienced, and innovative staff who contribute appreciably to the Group’s rapid progress.

Some premium products from the sugar mills:

Some premium products from the sugar mills: