Boiler heat exchangers. Combustion room is spaciously sized with sufficient cooling area to minimize fouling potential of alkali salts in these fuels
Inhouse developed Reciprocating Servo Grate (RSG) sized elaborately to complement steam boiler design. Fuel is gravity fed at one end of the grate to promote staged and efficient combustion. This silent combustion results efficient combustion of higher moisture fuels and lesser fly ash carryover.

Capacity range : 8 – 80 tph
Maximum Pressure : 67 Barg
Maximum Temperature : 480 °C
Fuels : Palm waste, Wood bark, Napier Grass

Unique features

• Capable to handle high moisture and fibrous fuel
• Boiler configuration suitable for fuels with fouling tendency
• Limits fly ash carryover from combustor and reduces its fouling nuisance
• Elaborate heat transfer surfaces to compensate fouling action
• Automatic and effective soot blowing to increase boiler availability
• Minimized unburnt losses due to efficient combustion
• Ease of maintenance and operation