Uttamenergy’s classical proven product with more than hundreds of references and with perfected design through experience gained in the past 40 years. This boiler has proven its performance and reliability on fuels like Bagasse, rice husk, coal and wood chips.
Bi drum type steam boiler configuration ensures reliability, flexibility for varied operating pressures and ease of maintenance. Travelling grate stokers ensures efficient combustion with smooth and trouble free operation, its higher heat release rates enables compact boiler designs. Drive for grate can be an option of either hydraulic or motor driven type.

Capacity range : 8 – 200 tph
Maximum Pressure : 125bar
Maximum Temperature : 540 °C
Fuels : Bagasse, Rice husk, Wood chip & Coal

Unique features

• Instant response to load changes
• Compactness of combustor and boiler
• Fuel flexibility with both biomass and fossil based fuels
• Minimized stack losses due to lower excess air levels
• Ease of maintenance and operation