Uttamenergy offers the highest quality, most technologically advanced, and the most reliable solutions in co-generation plants, captive power plants,  biomass based independent power plants, waste to energy plants, as well as equipment and services for energy and power.

Uttamenergy Limited (UEL) was incorporated in 2012, taking over the legacy of LIPI Boilers, which had over four decades of experience in the field of boilers. It is located in Pune, a major engineering hub with needed skill set and technical expertise.

Our expertise lies in the firing of all types of solid fuels including non-conventional and challenging biomass. Plants supplied by us produce more than 5000 tons of steam every hour and over 500MWe of green energy by consuming close to 2000 tons of green, environmentally friendly fuel every hour.

Message from MD’s Desk

At Uttamenergy, we surely are cost-competitive in our offerings because of the location we’re based in; but foremost, we want to differentiate ourselves by offering the highest quality of engineering, manufacturing, and project management. Our group has been associated with quality since its inception, and it’s with a great sense of duty that we work to constantly maintain and surpass this legacy.

– Balram Adlakha, Managing Director

Awards and Achievements