Affordable and Efficient Waste-to-Energy Plants: Make in India Initiative

Welcome to Uttamenergy, a waste-to-energy plant solutions provider committed to transforming waste into clean and renewable energy. With the world generating over 2 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually, we recognize the urgent need for sustainable waste management practices that protect the environment, public health, and the economy. 

Our turnkey waste-to-energy solutions integrate the expertise of proven waste incineration solution providers with cost optimization through the Make in India initiative. We specialize in setting up biomass-based power plants across the globe and have successfully established such plants in India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Ethiopia. Our plants have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve agro-waste management, create jobs, and generate electricity for local communities. 

waste to energy plant

We are proud to have recently secured a turnkey waste-to-energy project at Deonar Dumping grounds in Mumbai. The 360-tonnes-per-day capacity waste-to-energy plant will have a power generation capacity of 6 MW and use a reverse reciprocating grate EnviroPower™ by Martin GmbH for waste combustion. The boiler technology is from CNIM France with a vertical design and a high level of heat exchange surface. The flue gas treatment technology is through LAB France with a dry gas cleaning system using lime as a cleaning agent. 

Expected to be commissioned by 2024, the project will help reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal in Mumbai. Over 90% of the project’s components will be manufactured in India in line with the Make in India initiative, and Uttamenergy is proud to be part of this groundbreaking project. We remain committed to contributing to the development of the waste-to-energy sector in India and beyond, transforming waste into valuable resources. 


waste to energy power plant

At Uttamenergy, we are passionate about creating a sustainable future for everyone by transforming waste into energy. If you are interested in learning more about our waste-to-energy solutions, please contact us at