Cane & Ethanol Plants

Uttamenergy leverages the knowledge and expertise of the Uttam Group of Companies to create comprehensive and sustainable solutions for sugar and ethanol facilities. The Uttam Group of Companies is a multi-faceted, multi-location conglomerate with global ventures. It was founded in 1969 and now offers a diverse variety of products and services to industries such as sugar, electricity, engineering, chemicals, petrochemicals, cement, and infrastructure.

It has a strong track record of completing turnkey EPC projects, particularly for sugar factories, power plants, co-generation plants, and ethanol plants. The business has successfully established over 400 turnkey sugar facilities with capacities ranging from 750 TCD to 25000 TCD.

Uttam Group’s profound skill and experience is derived from its four sugar mills nestled along the Ganges. These facilities, together with sugar refineries, co-generation power plants, and distilleries, are integrated. Three of the four units use the ‘Defecomelt’ technology to create refined sulfur-less sugar. One of the facilities at Bharkatpur has a distillery with a capacity of 150 kiloliters per day and produces 45 million liters of ethanol per year. It incorporates an incinerator boiler to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) of distillery effluents.

Extensive R&D, supported by strong technical alliances with worldwide leaders, ensures that the Group remains up to date on the most recent breakthroughs in important technology. By efficiently tweaking them to interact with local conditions, it is thus possible to create customer-eccentric engineering solutions.

Uttam Group’s devotion to accelerating productivity has also resulted in significant investments in horticulture research and development. This collaborative effort with farmers culminated in more efficient use of bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides, as well as reduced water usage through the use of suitable irrigation solutions.

The Group’s in-house knowledge also aids in the selection of the optimum sugarcane cultivar based on soil conditions. Key resources are also highly qualified, experienced, and inventive employees who contribute significantly to the Group’s rapid growth.

Some premium products from the sugar mills: