Engineering Services

Uttamenergy’s multidisciplinary engineering team has in-depth experience with the equipment, processes, and controls associated with power plants and biomass-based steam boilers.

Power Plants

  • Pre-feasibility and project report
  • Complete power plant engineering
  • Project management consulting
  • Power plant piping design and analysis
  • Energy auditing and efficiency improvements
  • Conversion of water cooled condensers to air cooled condensers

Steam Boilers

  • Capacity enhancement & efficiency improvement
  • Conversion of coal fired boilers to biomass fired boilers
  • Boiler retrofitting for fuel changeover
  • Remote performance monitoring system

Contract Manufacturing

Uttamenergy, with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, follows quality standards in line with ISO 9001 certification and safety according to OHSAS 18001 certification. It extends its facility to manufacture and supply any pressure vessels like steam boilers, steam drum, steam accumulators, deaerator tanks, storage tanks, steam piping etc. and non pressure part items like chimney, tankages and structural etc according the clients manufacturing drawing. Additionally, we can also extend the engineering services of developing manufacturing drawings from process drawings.

Operation & Maintenance Services

Uttamenergy now provides O&M solutions for the operation of complete power plants, sugar plants and ethanol plants. Our knowledge and expertise is gained through decades of operating and maintaining sugar plants, co-generation plants and distillery plants in our own Uttam Group premises.

Retrofitting & Revamping Services

We offer solutions for retrofitting and revamping existing sugar plants, co-generation plants and distillery plants to enhance their capacity and improve their performance — resulting in operational excellence and faster payback of the investment. Uttamenergy has successfully retrofitted and recommissioned any such plants which now operate within our defined parameters.

Remote Performance Monitoring System (RPMS)

RPMS enables any user to monitor the status of the boiler or power plant from any part of the world (using valid credentials). It generates reports and trends, and sends notification in case of abrupt change in parameters, a breakdown or an emergency shutdown. It also generates trends and reports in the user defined formats.