Our Manufacturing Facility

Assembling the future with innovative EPC & Turnkey Solutions

The multidisciplinary engineering team at Uttamenergy has substantial knowledge of the machinery, procedures, and controls employed in power plants and biomass steam boilers. Our most recent in-house software that is pertinent to our industrial verticals significantly enhances our engineering capabilities.

Our Engineering Capabilities

Modern Marvels of Engineering

State-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge facility with CNC-based machinery for excellent fabrication quality. Our production plant has earned ASME certifications. 

Our facility is situated near Aurangabad, which is the closest airport city, with excellent road access to the Mumbai Sea Port.

3D Piping CadWorks

Street Analysis CAESAR

P&I Autodesk

Chimney Design Dynastack

STAAD Analysis for Structure

3D Layout of Power Plant

PRO STEEL for 3D Modeling Structure

Viewing Navis Works Viewer

Our R&D Facility

Where Dreams turn into reality

In order to accomplish the following goals, our internal R&D facility was established in 2015:

  • To create a fresh, cutting-edge line of industrial boilers and combustion technologies for a wide range of applications.
  • Revolutionizing EPC & Turnkey solutions and strategies.
  • To play a pivotal part in the life cycle of already-running or existing products in order to enhance them further.
  • To create novel, environmentally responsible goods (especially for low calorific, high volatile, high moisture, and highly corrosive fuels).
  • Improving existing operations to ensure minimal waste in terms of time, material, handling, transportation, etc.
  • To make persistent efforts to lower our carbon footprint by using alternative fuels such as bagasse and biomass.

The following accomplishments show the exceptional results of our R&D programme:

  • Reciprocating Servo Grate (RSG) combustors, which can handle fuels with high moisture content and fibrous properties, were successfully launched.
  • The successful introduction of bagasse dryers for drying wet bagasse from used boiler flue gas.