Vinasse Fired Incineration Boilers

Unique tail end incineration boiler design developed by Uttamenergy exclusively for firing vinasse/slop effluent generated from distillery in combination with support fuels like bagasse, wood chips, rice husk and coal. Careful designing of soot blower mechanism ensures higher availability of boilers.

Additional Information

  • Capacity range : 8 – 100 tph
  • Maximum Pressure : 45 Barg
  • Maximum Temperature : 400° C
  • Fuels : Vinasse, slop

Unique Features

  • Capable to handle slop from 45 brix to 60 brix concentration.
  • Guaranteed uptime/availability of boiler up to 120 days.
  • Guaranteed uptime/availability of boiler up to 220 days with special waste spray type soot blowers.
  • Tail end design with elaborate heat transfer surfaces to compensate fouling action.
  • Automatic and effective soot blowing to increase boiler availability

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