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Uttamenergy bags turnkey order for upcoming Waste-to-Energy power plant at Mumbai’s Deonar

Uttamenergy Limited has recently signed a contract with Mumbai Waste Management Ltd. (MWML) for supplying a 360 tonnes per day capacity Waste-to-Energy plant on turnkey basis at Deonar Dumping grounds in Mumbai by joining hands with a proven and established technology partner CNIM Martin.

The facility will have a power generation of capacity of 6 MW. In a true boost to Make-In-India, the project will have more than 90% of its components manufactured in India.

The project as tendered by Mumbai Waste Management Ltd. uses specialized technology to handle raw municipal solid waste with typical waste characteristics of India with low calorific value and high moisture content.

For combustion of the waste a state of the art reverse reciprocating grate ENVIROPOWER TM grate by Martin GmbH is considered. EnviroPowerTM is setting up a new benchmark in Asia for waste combustion considering it’s unique and highest know-how and return of experience of MARTIN with the competitiveness, quality control and regional footprint insured by its Indian subsidiary CNIM MARTIN P.L.

Boiler technology is from CNIM France with their proven and cost effective vertical design with high level of heat exchange surface to enhance efficiency. Reliable cleaning systems (which are lifeline to incineration boilers) with careful positioning and

corrosion protection are integral part of the boiler design to ensure longer availability of boiler

Fluegas treatment technology is through LAB France with their proven product SECOLAB TM an effective dry gas cleaning system using lime as cleaning agent and suitable for all Asian environment conditions, regulations and standards.

Project is awarded in 2022 and expected to get commissioned by 2023.

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